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analog digital shift
evolution of Omen8 Productions

appx 2:00 am, 8_3_3
"it" festival, loring air force base
limestone, maine

this is not some phish-head, tour kid post. this performance was simply an excellent work of art. phish managed to use sound, light, temperature, and actual social conciousness as a medium.i do not think anyone here was there. if you were i would like to hear your story. if you weren't do some research. the phish "it" documentary first seen on pbs is a good place to start.

anyways, without too much gushing:

loring a.f.b., now defunct, used to be one of, if not the, largest arsenal of nuclear weapons in the entire world. in northern maine bordering canada, it is square miles of pavement in the middle of nowhere. a 7 story flight control tower at the center can be seen for miles around. northern maine is barren and flat.

it was late the night before everyone was supposed to leave. most peopl tend to do as much of anything the night before they head back to society. phish secretly climbed the tower and played an incredible, abstract, eerily omnipresent jam for thirty minutes or so. people could be heard assuring each other it was actually happening the entire time.

almost everyone i have met who was there has a unique and sometimes amazing story about that moment. mine is not important, but suffice it to say it included a DEA agent on a golf cart yelling at me. i laughed right in his face the entire time as my friend assured me he actually was a DEA agent and he was going to arrest me.

(as it happens, this friend and i drove there with no tickets and no camping gear. never had a camp, then lost the car, each other, then i lost my shoes. all in about two hours. this is all i remember except sleeping in my little sister's friend's tent the whole time. the friend and i only met, by chance, under the tower as the set commenced, then lost each other until we left. this has led to a desire to be alone at all festivals and concerts.)

they manged to make art out of what was basically a enormous party. andy warhol played with this idea using the velvet underground and avant-garde film, and the first woodstock is an obvious example. since then it has been mostly a money game. it always has it's moments, but in the end you are still paying 3 dollars for water and 5 for ice. unless you sell something, usually drugs, it gets expensive. "it" was no exception. at that moment though, nothing else was going through any body's mind except, "i am here, and this wonderful thing is happening."

i sort of feel like all art should be like that.


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reflections on "Today"

waking up. listening to loud music as the "today" show blathers on, closed captioned for the hearing impaired. a few things are plainly obvious:

the first thing i saw was george bush senior losing his shit in front of the senate. as jeb looked on, bush senior burst into tears and spoke between heaves and racking sobs. i have never seen anything like it, especially from him. is he losing it?

(won and a have)
his son is losing it. i think that following his presidency "karma" is going to inflict itself. i almost feel a little bad about his position. being not so bright, easily manipulated, and such an obvious target. it's not like i am going to cancel my weekly burning him in effigy though.

i got vision correcting lenses. the doctor said i have needed them for several years. most of my headaches have evaporated. the main problem being that the frames make me look even more androgynous than before. i suppose this would be fine in a thousand years when the sexes become meaningless, but for now i remain attractive to mostly lesbians seeking butch women. girls are gross anyways.

i was assigned to restretch a painted canvas my friend got in baghdad, iraq. it is pretty fucking creepy. retrieved from one of saddam's many palaces as his empire collapsed. it is signed and obviously an original. even if it is not regal loot, there is something sort of evil about it.

they are releasing another "rocky" movie. i think he needs to die in this episode. actually, all of these franchises should end with the protagonist perishing. bond, superman, batman, the nutty professor, bridgette jones, etc...hell, tv shows should end this way too. friends, sex and..., seinfeld...all of them.

today i am going to learn how to make beats. i am sick of envying musicians for utilizing the perfect art form.

trying to collect all relevant music ever made is tougher than you'd think.

if it does not snow soon, well, i am not going to do anything. i lived in atlanta last winter, and it snowed by this date. i still refuse to blame it all on global warming.

for some reason, i am really nervous.

omen8 productions

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bribing and blackmailing your friends for fun and profit

slander.com. start a secret website with a couple people. take all the people in each of your's circle of friends and make slanderous profiles about them, a la myspace. embarrassing facts, questionable sexual partners and acts, fears, etc...some of them true. be ensure the creators include themselves to blend in so no one knows who initiated it. encourage blogs, posts, and profile additions. you would probably end up in jail with lots of enemies. someone told me it was a good idea, but not worth the trouble.

so, there's the idea. somebody run with it. should it appear, it certainly wasn't me. i can barely work this mouse thing. i thought it was a foot peddle at first

omen8 productions

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bored during an important election year? post your own damn signs. 10 or 15 in your town. better yet, get a crew together. decide on a few messages. make your own candidates. this will happen. it doesn't even have to be an important election year. it should be in october at the latest though. projected date for project: september-november 2008.

for real, i am going to do this. two years should provide adequate planning time. the next election is going to get nasty. one could get away with putting signs up everywhere...and we would clean them up quickly, (unlike some of the candidates here in southern NH...charlie bass).

so think of some simple, elegant, powerful, and relevant shit to say. this is not MY idea, it is A idea. i will be doing this anyway.

good luck. stay in touch.

omen8 productions

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on seeing a relatively unimportant painting and being affected by it the rest of your life:

i went to skidmore college in upstate new york for a summer program. i studied sculpture and video. it was pretty amazing, and i met at least on person i will know for the rest of my life. i went to visit her in LA for 3 weeks. i fell in love with a girl for the first time...with power-lines. the sky-scape just above street level, 25 feet strait up. roofs and power-lines. billboards and traffic lights. soon...cameras and snipers. these are other stories though.

at skidmore there was a painting outside in a courtyard. it was about 6 feet by 4 feet. it was a sea of black with dark streaks of blue and brown. there were two white streaks that looked like comets.

i am not sure what it was. i think about it all the time. almost any time i set out to lay something abstract down.

there are other pieces of course. they are famous though. this is different. i should definitely steal it, although i am sure it wouldn't match the image in my head. i deserve it though. maybe i should paint it.

omen8 productions

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licenced nonsence

squabbling online about the nature of addiction. kiss the cook and get back on the horse when you fall off.

"sunshine, nothing but sunshine..."

sociopathic undercurrents masked with a smile. pushing close friends down flights of stairs and just wishing everyone would just shut the hell up. smile.

i thought sarcasm was born in new england and then she told me it was originated in canada. i think canadians are too nice, and they have good teeth. it's hard to be sarcastic with really nice teeth.

i am going to watch the rest of "purple rain" then go hike to an abandoned textile factory and burn it down.

omen8 productions

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hypocritical roots and fundamental mis-beliefs
communism is hilariously perfect. an obvious policy for those who acknowledge that currency is just paper. money is power. power is not the goal.

"there are no pockets in shrouds"
"the meek shall inherit the earth"

related items:

1) last night someone proposed a communist bank in which everyone shares the money. irregardless of intial deposit. several gound rules would be involved. such as, if you plan on spending all of our money on a yacht or small country, notify and leave us enough to reinvest properly in order to assure the other account holders a reasonable quality of living.

1.3) this would obviously never work.

2) a business is being started. there are several types of situations to get into. LLC, non-profit, corporation, even a church. heh, it is awful appealing to build a church, (of only the loosest structure possible). carry on as planned and during situations where the law comes into play, claim religious freedom. you are praying. you are doing it all in the name of god.

3) this does not jive with communism very well. if communism is to ever work properly, several fundamental changes must be made. religion and spirituality must be encouraged. there must be an open-minded acceptance that humans need god.

4) there is the anarchy symbol popularized by the punk movement. a capital "A" in a circle. there is also an equality symbol, a capital "E" is a circle. it never caught on. i propose we steal the copyright symbol and take it as our own. a "C" in a circle, which will now stand for communism. not only will we now have three letters, but they spell "ACE". aces are almost always good.

5) if old and responsible enough, can a collection of 4-6 people adopt a child?
end notes

end notes
humans are far too just egocentric right now. publicly acknowleging that you are not the center of all creation only invites labels like mentally ill or irresponsible. this may be changing slowly, very...very...slowly. at this point, if you want to be a communist you really cannot tell anyone who is not "family". even then, one must be very careful.

omen8 productions

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conversation with a medical professional

me: hello? doctor X? i have been calling you for two weeks. this is ridiculous. doesn't anyone even answer your calls?

Dr. X: yes benjamin. hello. sorry. i was in breckenridge skiing. it was gorgeous! i think i will go back in a few weeks...so, we haven't spoke in a year and i heard from your messages that you stopped taking your meds.

me: yes. this spring i weened myself off of that shit. i am taking a small dose of anti-psychotic A for sleep and to shorten my rants. to help me be more aware of my relations with other humans. it is just right for now...until i can ween myself off of it.

Dr. X: i see. well, i wouldn't do that. call me any time you change your meds without direction...please.

me- well, you are never there.

Dr. X: right. how do you feel?

me- better than i have ever felt in my entire life. i am painting, planning, and ready to get the second part of my life over with. these last three years left me feeling like a zombie.

Dr. X: i see.

me- i just need to refill anti-psychotic A. it seems like i cannot do so until we speak. i have run out, and unfortunately i do notice. my sleep is off and i am anxious.

Dr. X: i see.

me- so, can we do that?

Dr. X: well, not until i see you face to face.

me- um...okay...when can i get an appointment. like i said, i am out and taking quarter doses. it is sort of a bad scene.

Dr.X: i can have my secretary call in refills every few days until we meet.

me- your secretary takes 72 hours sometimes. plus, i have no liscence and cannot get to the store every three days. this is sort of important. how long until i can see you?

Dr.X: let's see...about a month and a half. the psychiatry business is really booming!

me- yeah, i bet. i cannot get a refill until then?

Dr.X: no, let's do it my way.

me- fine. god damn it. jesus christ, i hate this. fuck. i hate this industry, and i hate that i got hoodwinked into consuming powerful medications long enough to develop a physical dependance. i hate this. seriously. i hate this. fuck. fuck.

Dr.X: i see. so you are anxious? would you like to try benzodiazapine Q? let's start at a medium dose twice daily...

me- absolutely NOT.. i have taken great care to stop consuming your previous prescriptions. remember? i already tried that downer in addition to: anti-depressants A, B, G, H, J, and O; benzodiazapines C, H, L; stimulants C, N, P; anti-psychotics D and K, and um...right...that fucked up Quaalude. that one was especially fun. do you even keep records? fuck.

Dr.X: i see. you sound upset. are you feeling manic?

me- i guess. not dangerously.

Dr.X: i see. what do you do when you feel this way?

me- paint, write, try not to rant.

Dr.X: i see. how do you paint? how do you write? fast?

me- sometimes. why?

Dr.X: often times people express themselves through art during manic periods. you must be careful. keep a record of when you paint.

me- what the fuck does that mean? i paint every day...is that enough of a record? jesus christ. look at my website. i am an artist. i do it when i am hungry, sober, stoned, tired, happy, sad, whatever. what should i do? sit in a fucking rocking chair and wait for my daily meds and forget about art? forget about life? i would truly rather cut my heart out and send it to somebody.so i should, what? dedicate myself to consuming your exploratory chemicals? and pay for it through the nose?

Dr.X: mmm...your art is, interesting...well, we should up your doses and try this benzo, maybe another new anti-psychotic. try to be aware when you are manic and painting.

me- WHAT THE FUCK? are you dismissing all of my creative impulses because i get excited about art? can i just get my meds so i can get my appointment, see you, and get my year's worth? this shit you feed me ruined my life for three valuable years. i am on the verge of fucking suing someone.

Dr.X: i see. you seem pretty upset. well i will call in refills for a higher dose and a new med...benzo Q. it is quite remarkable! try it for a week.

me- whatever. bring it on. i have to go paint. i'll be careful not to go crazy though. fucking A...just so you know, i think you are involved in what may be the most poorly managed and inherently evil industry yet. i wish i had never met you. i wish i had jumped off a bridge and blamed it on you. happy holidays. fuck.

(click...dial tone)

Dr.X: i see.

[anti-psyhcotic A, (a chemical similar to trazadone...what they give to people tripping their balls off in the ER), costs 500 dollars a month in the USA if you cannot get insurance and will stay that way for 7.5 years because of many things...among them bush jr.'s administration, (it is 25 a month dollars in the rest of the world. i could have defrayed this cost by selling benzos, stimulants, and my extra doses of the anti-psychotics, or buy A on the internet and risk 5 years in jail on a felony. i really don't like breaking laws though. the option a lot of people use is actually driving to canada to get their meds...once a month. that is all you can legally buy. so...who do i sue?)]

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an open invitation to riot

Knowledge is as large as the universe. Racing just ahead of infinity and completely stripped of any monetary value. Older than everything save for god. Keeping with the progressive soul of technology and true spirit of the Internet, a database containing the entirety of human enlightenment will be free and easily accessible by the time the “Why” generation perishes. A truly physical manifestation of the collective conscious. This would obviously have a larger impact on creative thought than anything one could fathom. The rapid progress would catapult humanity onto the next level of...well...there isn't even a name for it yet. The thing that will stop this growth is potential corporate control of that knowledge and technology used to share it.

Citizens dedicated to creation, preservation, and distribution of information could easily be provided for by the excessively wealthy citizens of earth. Artists, healers, philanthropists, humanitarians, philosophers...money should not come into play when you are blessed with the impulse to dedicate your life to these pursuits. It should be a spiritual calling without questions. Not a decision based on currency, fame, what to wear, or even the self.

If you are producing all of your art solely for monetary gain, the terms liar and thief come to mind. You are unknowingly fighting in the the veiled corporate war to take over and control everything we see, hear and feel. Simply another talented foot solider instilling value into priceless concepts so they can be quickly bought up. Theirs forever, easily mastered and used to control us until single cells inherit the earth again.

You may want to decide whether you even loved your work in the first place. Then change your name, move far away, and express yourself solely because you are observant, alive, and able. There are quite a few ways of living your life that do not involve raping the arts, (and therefore, every human that is, was, or ever will be). Should you suddenly awaken to discover that you are another medicated prisoner of war; contact us and we will provide free and simple steps to become quickly liberated and make your own impact on civilization, all while helping others and having the time of your life. It is a very simple choice between good and bad.

The war started in the twentieth century. Literature, advertising, medicine, government, schools, and the rest were quickly consumed with ease. Most people still do not even notice. The chief physical battlefield is Manhattan...the walls of Babylon. Like the Native Americans, we gave them the most powerful island on the planet for a few shekels and a broken promise. It is too late to win it back, but not too late to practice free speech there, yet.

An obvious progression must take place. At this stage, we need as much help as we can get. All that is left to do is recruit and gather the troops, collect black books crammed with plans, and head to the front lines. The weapons are theirs. Most of them are peaceful and legal. Almost all of them are free.

It is time for confidential communism and deep, private spirituality. A time to get your message up on city walls and refuse worthless bribes from the exponentially thriving and solidifying corporate demon. Reject their offer and at least be aware that the human race needs to be saved from itself. It may already be to late. You can move off the grid and find solace, question authority, or submit. We will fight first.

peace and love-
omen8 productions

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thank god til it hurts

happy thansgiving
from omen8 productions
peace and love
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trial seperation

off to nyc for the weekend. warp records show. finally a chance to wander around the museum of modern art. something else always seems to happen. if it does this time, i may strike out on my own and just go. i am just not interested in shopping for neat t-shirts or hanging around in a park.

the last warp show i went to was incredible. held on the chelsea piers, a weird part of the city. half of it was held on an industrial pier, and the other was in the cargo hold of a large ship. a catwalk around the perimeter and a bridge from side to side where i sat for hours. the accoustics were amazing. squarepusher, richard devine, mira calix and others played. i took 2-CT7 for the first time and hung out with none of my friends.

i am excited.


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[start] nice to find a community with people who seem a little more peculiar. plus there a lot less ads and not as many hoochie mammas running around.

many projects are under way. this will help to chart progress and mindset. if i were you and i was interested in seeing some shit go down, i would keep my eyes peeled.

its a funny thing, writing things no one will ever read. satisfying. along the same lines as doing good deeds and never telling anyone, but less. its an ever stranger thing to record this process and blast it into the ether, presumably forever.

in the future will most people do this? what impact does having a personal record of every citizen's thoughts have on history, the government, free speech, etc.this evolves into artificial intellegence, philosophy of print and thought, philosophy of art, philosophy...

this could go on and on...and it just started.

"the history of saints is mostly the history of insane people" benito mussolini

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"i'm tense and pensive, my pen seems relentless"-r.c.

return of the computer.

15+ years of art down the drain? with my electronic return comes inevitable exposure to new technology. illustrator©. "vector graphics". finding that i can take anything created, filter it electronically, and make it perfect...infiniteately adjustable and ready for reproduction.

that alone tweaks the mind.

here come the inevitable questions about the fundamentals and philosophy of art. these questions are many, and the answers are infinite. maybe i can just spend my days sitting and writing about that.

a painting makes a painting, in a large part, because there is just one of them. like an event, a conversation, love, a broken arm, a fight...essentially, a person, a mind or soul. does this digital revolution negate all that? do i have to choose? do we all?


fuck. born on the cusp of an analog to digital shift.

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